Marc Donnelly, Chemical Engineer, Engineering Manager, Senior Process Design Engineer

Marc W. Donnelly (Marc Donnelly)

I’m Marc W. Donnelly – a chemical engineer, traveler, graphic designer, web developer, and avid skier.

I am passionate about chemical engineering and currently manage and oversee the engineering department of a company focused on an industry-leading CO2 removal process in the petrochemical and refining industries.

The work I do has afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the world, participate in international business dealings, and exchange both technical knowledge and cultural ideals.

Through being fortunate enough to work with some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the chemical engineering community, I’ve been able to broaden my knowledge of process safety, equipment design, process optimization, delivering value, and providing innovative solutions to demanding chemical and process engineering challenges.

Please feel free to explore my website to learn more about my background and experience.


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