Marc W DonnellyMarc is an engineer, web developer, skier, photographer, and traveler.  He grew up throughout the northeast.  For college Marc decided to head to Colorado and experience a whole new environment.

Marc has a passion for engineering and science that is nearly matched by his passion for skiing and being outdoors.  He has skied at nearly every resort in the northeast and Colorado and has hiked large portions of the Appalachian Trail, mountains of the Adirondacks, many mountains in the Colorado Rockies, and parts of the Black Hills in South Dakota.  Personal goals include traveling around the world, skiing the Alps, and stepping foot somewhere that no one has ever been before.

Some Interesting Things You May Not Know About Marc

-Breaking the common view that engineers aren’t creative, Marc is very interested in graphic design and has provided marketing graphics for colleges and businesses.  He believes that visually pleasing design has a place in engineering and his graphic skills have proved useful in presenting scientific material.

-He can speak Spanish with intermediate proficiency, German with conversational proficiency, and is currently learning Swedish.

-Marc has skied at least once during every month of the year.


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